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From tree to table

Based near Bedford IN. Making various live edge table types. From small shelves to huge indoor/outdoor pieces from select cutting. 

Intentionally textured and finished in a way that is pleasant to the touch and provides deep views into the grain of the wood.

First art show was the Madison Chautauqua Featival 2017 in beautiful Madison Indiana. Had good reviews and took some custom orders. Some folks want different legs or bench lengths or wood type. You can request something to your preference.

Making weathered and aging, to rustic and fancy. Custom oriented. 

You can drop me an email or give me a call, If there is something you want made. Cam

Where the tree was grown

With each piece that is made you get to know the physical location the tree came from, its age, specie and something about the farm it grew on.

A special piece or table can be made from your own tree.

Small family business

Two brothers. One of us likes wood and the other like's steel. 

Growing up as loggers and sawmillers has gave us a way to understand and visualize how a tree will look when cut Into lumber. This aids in the selection of a special tree or log for a table. 

If your interested in a product we may one for you.

Its very satisfying to make a finished product for someone to enjoy.

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Better yet, call direct!

Enjoyed the Madison show! Call or text the number and get right to my cell phone. You can speak directly to me. Cam Wright 


22900 Valley Ave, Williams, IN 47470, US

(812) 277-5863